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Resolve any impossible issue & any unsolvable dispute your own way with Priorities Now
Over 1500 people and 3000 companies, small and large, private & public, used Priorities Now to resolve issues by faster better decisions... a genuine breakthrough thanks to latest psychological and applied business research.
Priorities Now is a practical approach to individual and / or team decision-making. The individual or the team agree reasonable decisions reliably and fast on any difficult issues ranging from simple buying decisions to complex business strategy.
With PN pollster, your market survey polls are more reliable and revealing, and you prove rival poll results inadequate and often wrong.
Applies to every kind of survey – whether personal interview, telephone, mail or computer-assisted questionnaires or focus groups.
Priorities Now and Resources Now are key decision advice tools. As well as stand-alone, they are very often integrated into the organisation’s specialist programs and also radically enhance mainstream software - project planners, spreadsheets, budget programs, financial planners, forecastors, evaluators, training and development tools.
Priorities Now is free to evaluate. On completion of an issue the top result will be shown but all other results will be hidden. View our demo results.

To unlock Priorities Now for unlimited issues costs £295 (+VAT) for 1 year access.
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Why Us ?
Why Us imageWe invented this new decision method and resource allocation approach, method and application. And we proved it from intense long-term consultancy research and practical usage in many companies, universities and organisations internationally.
Exercise your frontal lobes. Stimulate your neurones. Rejuvenate your grey cells… with Priorities Now